Custom Elevator Solutions for Residential and Commercial Building


A custom elevator is one of the most significant features in high-end homes and luxury commercial buildings like shopping malls. It can be the center of attention for visitors and users. They resemble luxury cars in the middle of the building instead of being left inside a garage. Placing a custom elevator in a unique luxury building is an elegant idea. People will look at each corner admiring all the exciting luxury features.

At Roys Rise, thanks to our team of expert designers and engineers, we provide unique solutions for prominent architects and builders. We set the minimum constraints to accomplish their great ideas and dreams.

Benefits of custom elevators by Roys Rise

Architectural Enhancement

Unlike the standard elevator, a custom elevator can fit in any style you have in mind. It could play a significant role in your projects, from traditional to contemporary designs. If you are dreaming of a sophisticated design for your building, with us, the elevator would be the least of your concerns. You must invest in an elevator that not only aligns with your vision but blends in with it and enhances it. Therefore, becoming a focal point.

Exceptional Durability

Our proficient team works on your project with such passion as an artist does on a masterpiece. Artistic-like features throughout the process outweigh the cost of investing in such a custom addition. Our team takes great care and effort to manufacture and install elevators that are cost-effective compared to a standard elevator.

Unique design

The elevators our team manufactures will be based on your unique vision and would not have a duplicate. However, you may order an elevator similar to an elegant elevator you have seen somewhere, like an antique elevator in a 1920s-style building. With us, the sky is the limit.

Custom elevator size and shape 

We have designed a wide range of custom products from giant elevators for museums, tiny antique elevators for vintage homes, round or oval glass elevators, and birdcage elevators. In our design stage, we carefully calculate every part of the elevator structure and create a 3d design that ensures every piece is well-designed, down to the last. By creating this 3d model, we verify that it serves the exact intended purpose both in functionality and display. Additionally, the 3d model allows us to foresee any changes that need to be made before going into production, thus implementing them and helping to keep costs steady.

Enhanced Property Value

Although sometimes a custom product seems to be more expensive. In the long run, creating a custom elevator adds to the overall value of the building as a one-of-a-kind creation. A custom elevator provides convenience and accessibility for all residents or visitors. It can also add a luxurious touch to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters. Custom elevators can also be designed to fit seamlessly with the architecture and design of your building, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Overall, a customized elevator adds functionality and style to your property, which can increase its overall value.

Endless modifications

The implementation of the latest technologies to secure and customize the elevator are readily available and easily adaptable to the everchanging needs of the modern world. For example, we can design an antique-style elevator with the latest safety features that were not available previously. We can provide an under-platform door operator that allows for an all-glass cab with an aesthetically enhanced appearance in the design, avoiding obstructions above the car.


Custom Elevator vs Standard Elevator 

Many architects and designers are looking for a custom elevator company that provides high-end products. They avoid settling with what the large elevator companies advise them about standard solutions. It doesn’t have to be this way. You have the option of enhancing the interior space in a manner that suits the concept of your design. That makes a statement that adds value to the building as its first feature.

Walk into a gorgeous building with the interior and exterior well designed using expensive exotic material and decorations that give a great first impression. But when you get to the elevators, they seem to be out of place as they are dull. Possibly the designers were trying to hide them in a corner as they are an eyesore. Custom elevators are an essential part of any custom luxury home or commercial building, enhancing the interior design as it blends in with the luxury concept. Unlike an out-of-place standard elevator, a gorgeous custom elevator is a centerpiece. A custom lift serves as a focal point, not hidden away in a corner.

The large elevator companies like to sell their standard elevators and shy away from custom elevator designs such as a gorgeous round glass elevator. They have no interest in spending time and effort on custom elevators. Besides, they are not familiar with designing and installing custom elevators. They either say they are not available or give the customers a cost that discourages them from pursuing a custom elevator.

Despite the hindrance from these large cookie-cutter elevator companies, many highly regarded architects and designers have pursued their vision and have discovered Roys Rise.

Why are architects choosing custom elevators Over standard elevators?

Below is a summary of the advantages architects and designers have when adding to their luxury projects a custom elevator vs. a standard elevator.Elevator Shaft by Roys Rise


  • Architects are highly creative and design beautiful buildings but are limited when it comes to elevators. A luxury elevator manufacturing company does not have to be a dream. It is available, and there are no limits to the imagination. The building can have a custom glass elevator, a wrought-iron elevator, or any other type to complement the design. You can order custom elevators for any size, space, or other additional project requirements.
  • An elevator 3-D model will show how it looks inside the designed space. It will give the architects a tool to decide where to place the elevator. They can get the actual image of their vision and offer the concept to the owner. For example, a round glass elevator inside a lobby, as it is see-thru, allows for more openness to the space. It seems like a luxury car is floating inside the interior space. A powerful visual effect that only enhances the look of any high-end Building.
  • Large elevator companies do not provide custom elevators and push the same boring products they offer. Many architects and designers do their best to work with them. But when they find us as a high-end luxury brand elevator, incorporate their dream design into their work with ease and add a great value to their project.
  • Lacking the assurance that they can obtain a custom elevator to meet the requirements for the project has forced the architects to accept what the large elevator companies advise. Ultimately, they get discouraged and compromise with the available standard products. Once architects are sure about having the desired designs for the elevator they need with Roys Rise, they will be confident to specify and incorporate them into their designs.
  • General contractors have challenges with the elevator shaft construction for a custom-designed elevator. For example, a builder may have difficulties building a custom shaft for an antique elevator. The advantage of Roys Rise is being capable of producing an elevator and its shaft. In addition, we can provide glass, antique-designed cast iron, or wrought iron stairways around the elevator if requested by the customer.


Roys Rise Corp offers high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology for custom elevators. Our team is experienced in efficient and professional installation, and we also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure smooth operation of the elevator. Additionally, our exceptional customer service ensures that your needs and expectations are met when designing and installing a customized elevator in your project.


Let us help make your custom elevator the pride of your luxury design. Contact or call us at (424) 221-5757 now for unbeatable customer service and quality craftsmanship. Our designers will be happy to talk with you about your high-end project.