About Us


Roys Rise has established itself as the brand for high-end custom and luxury residential and commercial elevators.
We are the manufacturer and installer of a wide range of luxury elevators such as round glass elevator, yacht elevators, classic and modern elevators for new buildings and for renovation projects.
With the emphasis on unique elevator designs, and custom lift installation, we add value to your brand or your Building.

Our mission We are dedicated to make Roys Rise the world’s number one and best luxury elevator brand. We will brand our name to mean luxury in elevator industry to create the best craftsmanship in the design, manufacture, and installation of the most unique elevators in the world.

Our vision Roys Rise is dedicated to offer the best experience of the most luxurious elevators with high quality performance as well as the highest level of customer care that is second to none in the industry.

Our values
  • Luxury
Luxury has different meanings for different people. We define luxury that is above and beyond common expectations.
  • The best materials, finely hand crafted with special attention to details to provide the ultimate luxury and excellence in every detail.
  • Exclusivity
    • Our design experience sets us apart as the premier designer of these unique elevators
    • Our unique products are exclusive with no similar design, only unique to your special project.
    • Since we also do the installation, we take great care to present the final product as designed with care for the smallest of details.
    • We understand that the final product is what counts and we will exceed your expectations.
  • Sophistication and design aesthetics
Roys Rise prides itself on a unique distinctive design philosophy that is both classic and contemporary. A Roys Rise custom luxury Elevator is a work of art that you can see, touch, and feel. Every detail is carefully designed, manufactured, and installed to exceed customer expectations.

Our Factory

 The spacious 85,000 square feet area of our factory is designed to handle domestic as well as the international market requirement. The state-of-the-art equipment and our highly experienced personnel and engineers materialize your dream elevator almost instantly. From the ground up, Roys Rise is built on the foundation of clever management in each department, ensuring that every custom elevator is manufactured properly, ships complete, delivers on time, and installs easily. The approach we use to accomplish this commitment of excellence to our customer of delivering the highest quality elevator is precise and effective. The first question that we ask before we begin the manufacturing process is, “Will the mechanic be able to maneuver each of the components with ease within the shaft?” The shafts that we design are specifically tailored for the custom lift, allowing the mechanic swift and easy access to each piece and attach the fastener effortlessly during the assembly process. All the components are assembled on site by our team of expert mechanics and tested with extensive quality control measures. Our factory is where the technology behind our exclusive automatic under-platform door operator “Galaxy” takes place. With our “Galaxy” under-platform door operator, incredible all glass elevator designs are achievable! Roys Rise can provide UL labeled fire-rated flat glass doors for any special project requirements. Our factory is fully loaded with: The latest in precision cutting machines. Technically advanced elevator stations where each custom elevator project is assembled and tested for quality control. Designated in-house painting and powder-coating facility. Full functioning shipping department. The hand-packaged components are protected and crated in sturdy boxes, all our parts are made of sizes and weight that are easy to transport and are quickly assembled in the field.   Manufacturing that stands behind our high standards translates into luxury elevators that are built correctly and install as efficiently as possible. We here at Roys Rise realize that elevators are not just a form of transportation, but a work of art designed to rise to excellence. Our clever sense of aesthetics combined with our knowledge and experience in the field, sets us apart from any other elevator manufacturer. Contact Us now if you require the highest quality of elevators with a smooth and timely installation.