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Roys Rise Corp. offers a comprehensive lift and elevator service and repair for residential and commercial customers. Our dedicated team of experts is knowledgeable in all areas of the maintenance of elevators, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our staff has what it takes to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of the type of equipment you have. Roys Rise provides a reliable service and maintenance that’s purpose is to safeguard you from future costly repairs and keep your elevator moving smoothly. Keeping your elevator in the best condition possible is important for your safety. We recommend you ask for your lift inspection annually and service every three months.

With a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan in place, delivered by a reputable company, most elevators can be in service for more than 25 years before requiring major modernizations. Our goal is to build a trustful relationship that lasts for the whole life cycle of our systems with personalized maintenance and modernization programs for all types of elevators.

Finding the elevator issues proactively will prevent potential shutdowns, and there is higher reliability of the elevators. Replacing or repairing parts before they cause wear on other components will extend the service life of the elevator significantly. Good preventive maintenance can extend the life of elevator equipment by 10 years or more.

From a financial perspective, owners can avoid unplanned repairs. Here are just a few reasons why we encourage you to schedule your comprehensive service and maintenance today:

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Preventive Maintenance Services

Scheduled preventive maintenance will help our customers keep their equipment running properly and help safeguard against costly & unplanned equipment failure.

After our initial service and inspection is complete, Roys Rise Elevator will work with our customers, to develop a custom maintenance plan, that is the right fit for our client their elevator.

Preventive maintenance is the number one tool for maintaining a safe and reliable elevator system.

Diagnostic & Elevator Repair Services 

In addition to the elevator service, in the unfortunate circumstance that your equipment does stop working, our versatile and state-certified mechanics will work to identify the steps needed to resolve the issue and prevent costly, future reoccurring problems.

Our mechanics have comprehensive code knowledge in both commercial and residential equipment and can repair, troubleshoot, or service most any elevator or lift.

Our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics, will work to provide the solution to your elevator problems. We have a working relationships with elevator manufacturers around the world to help acquisition the necessary parts to get your elevator or lift back in service.

What does our elevator service mean to you?

  • Well-maintained elevators should last indefinitely provided that they are regularly maintained.
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced personal injury liability with a maintained elevator
  • Preventative maintenance will maximize performance and increase the life of your equipment.
  • Limit premature replacement of costly parts.
  • Maintain safety standards and comply with regulatory requirements.

To protect the technical and financial aspects of the elevators over time, Roys Rise can provide its expertise to customers. We offer specialized training for your staff and technical support on-site. Roys Rise provides original spare parts and a technological renovation kit regarding safety, performance, energy efficiency, and operational ease.

Our team will be glad about your requests, offering the best solutions for your specific needs.

We are confident you will be satisfied from both the technical services and financial points of view. With our reputation for outstanding elevator service and maintenance, let Roys Rise Corp. begin a periodic maintenance program for you today.

Contact us today and speak with one of our elevator specialists. (424) 221-5757, info@roysrise.com