Our story

After 20 years of manufacturing and installation of custom Elevators, we are proud to launch the first custom luxury Elevator brand in the world. With the growth in demand for high end luxury products and especially luxury Elevators in the world markets. We are more than happy to be able to service that particular sector of the market.

Creative process
  • Design
  • Our studio, Roys Rise will work with you to select the right style, function, and material to meet your specific needs for you project.

Unique and refined products

By combining the latest production tools and technology with artistic traditions of Roys Rise, we are able to deliver a custom built product designed, built and installed for your unique project. This manufacturing process is complemented by an approach based on listening, adaptation, and personalization. These approaches are guaranteed to comply with product specifications as well as aesthetic, qualitative and functional requirements that are budget specific to each project. This method applies to small or large projects in the same manner. We take into consideration of all the national, and location specific Codes and make sure your product meets all the requirements of the safety Codes.