Luxury Elevators

  • Custom Elevators for Luxury Brands.
Famous luxury brands such as cars, or luxury fashion need showrooms to showcase their products. These showrooms are created with the help of expert interior designers who make the most of the space and create an environment that is welcoming and pleasing to the eye. It gives their high net worth clientele the feeling of luxury. So why should the elevator in that environment be any different? Your clients are riding the elevator in the showroom so why not have something to “wow” your clients by providing them with the ultimate luxury. Get the perfect elevator design for your chic store.
  • Creative process
Our studio, Roys Rise will work with you to select the right style, function, and material to meet your specific needs for you project.
  • Architects
OUR TEAM IS YOUR TEAM While we love to work with Architects and designers, we have at our disposal a manufacturing facility to create these dreams. Our professional team will meet with you to discuss your project details and work with you to create your dream design. We will take the time to review options, discuss possibilities and material use, and review Code compliance issues as we progress to achieve your design.
  • 3D Modeling
A 3-D model of the Elevator showing how it looks inside the designed space will give the Architects a tool to make decisions on where to place the Elevator to get the effect that they are looking for and to sell to the owner the concept. For example, a round Glass Elevator inside a Lobby gives the space more openness as it is see thru and seems like the Car is floating inside the Lobby. This is a powerful visual effect that only enhances the look of any high end Building.
  • Pursuing Perfection
Our goal is to provide you with the best experience from the start of the design stage to the final completion of your project. We aim to exceed your expectations with our craftsmanship, our attention to detail during fabrication and installation of your Elevators.
  • In details page: The finest details
Every exterior and interior details have been carefully crafted to enhance the overall aesthetics of our unique elevators.
  • Super Yacht Luxury Elevators
Super Yachts are becoming more popular and the demand for them is rising. They are built with the best material and attention to detail. Roys Rise design team will work with the Yacht designers to select the most luxurious style and material to meet their specific needs to enhance the design of their Yachts and provide another luxury feature in their overall product.
  • Awards
Our designs win the prestigious Elevator Magazine ‘’Elevator of the year’’ award year after year. Elevator world is the most important magazine and educational source throughout the world.